A clothing label based in Bangkok since 2018. We created clothes for him and her with the same fabric and pattern with the idea that there is no boundary between genders.

“Not only her but also him”

is our first idea to start clothing business with my brother as I always share clothes with him. We have questioned about small details and what fits us most. As far as we have tried, we realised that men and women can share things, no more boundary between gender and style. So why don’t we make our own trousers with the exact same fabric and pattern! That is the beginning of our story.

Amour_Day Light SavingTime

The launch of our 5th collection, photo shooting in London


A clothing label based in Bangkok since 2018. The brand, Amour, focuses on good quality designs and flexibility to wear and match our pieces in any occasions such as casual looks on holidays, smart styles for work, and special moments like wedding party. The brand is unique among Thai market as we value photography, social media contents, and a story behind each collection.

Day Light Saving Time

Photoshoot of this collection took place in Greater London, 2020

My role of the brand

Not only am I a fashion designer and creative director, I also took on the roles of chief operation officer taking care of online marketing and overseeing the day-to-day business. I crafted the brand with love in every detail. I created our own brand identity, all the graphic design and packaging.

Photoshoot in London 2020

"Day Light Saving Time" collection : I invited my classmates to be a model and collaborate with photographers, students from UAL, and a film maker, a student from Goldsmith

Navy collection 2018

Summer and Rainy season, it was the first time we did an outdoor photoshoot under the rain. The location is special, it's a navy ship turning to a museum located in Thailand

Selling Channels

Our main selling channels are online platforms which are Instagram, Facebook, and Lazada (one of the biggest e-commerce site in Thailand) Customers can also purchase at a retail shop in the centre of Bangkok

Sale Event

Occasionally, we sell products at fair markets and events. The experience of space design is needed. I also create artefacts like posters and stands for a decoration.

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