Feedback Role is a tool designed to help design students achieve a practical and engaging feedback session. The tools offer both online and offline experience. The design's core concept is to give a session's participant a character. During the session, each participant will comment according to their assigned role. The tool is designed to serve both online and offline scenario. For online users, I've created a website that provided a characters card resource and a function that allows the project owner to connect with their participant easier. For an onsite session, I've designed a set of a physical card game to enhance a face-to-face conversation. For more information visit:

Feedback Role Box set 01

A box set is designed to serve an offline scenario. The package consisted of the character card set, the instruction booklet and the hourglass. The card is a duplicate version of the online one.

Feedback Role Box set 02

User testing

User testing

After getting assigned to the role, participants will be comment according to their given character.

The website X the box set

The website and the box set can be used together for a better experience.

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