The EV accelerator project is a service to demonstrate the benefits of electric vehicles as a more sustainable means of transport to university students in China to increase/drive adoption in the next generation. The project's context is to reduce the pollution caused by vehicle emissions by promoting the acceptance of electric vehicles in China, the largest automotive market, in the face of increasing global pollution, and to further help people develop the concept of environmentally friendly mobility. The project began by exploring the reasons for people's reluctance to use electric vehicles and found that this was due to misconceptions about electric vehicles' new technology. After identifying the problem, by combining interviews and insights from various sources, university students who have a high probability of buying a car in the next five years and strong environmental awareness were identified as the target group. The final outputs of the project were: 1. A board game 2. An online app 3. A promotional campaign EV accelerator provides Chinese university students with the opportunity to understand electric vehicles and develop an environmentally friendly mobility concept, with the hope that this service will contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Problem statement & Design brief

Service concept

EV accelerator is a service system that accelerates the spread of electric vehicles as a more sustainable way to travel in China by raising awareness of environmentally friendly travel among young university students who are the next generation of drivers in China. It includes an online app, a set of board games, and a promotional campaign in collaboration with EV companies.

Promotional posters

Event posters were designed to be used to promote the event on campus. They will be sent regularly to teachers and hobby EV students who use the EV accelerator service and general university students who would like to come and promote the service.

Board game

The game is based on the comparison between fuel and electric cars. It is guaranteed to be fun and interesting while at the same time offering the opportunity of learning about electric vehicles professionally, allowing people to think outside the box and understand the new electric car correctly.


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