This project aims to help young people aged 13 to 18 build positive body confidence, in collaboration with elementary and high school in China with service design methods and psychological knowledge. To break down this complex topic, I conducted conversations and held co-design activities with users to understand what they are thinking and how we can help them. Finally, with support from schools, I designed a Themed Health Month in school for teenagers. The Month aims to make teenagers understand how mass media influence the ideal body shape, learn to deal with the comments and malicious attacks on their appearance, learn to love their bodies, and build a positive attitude and self-confidence.

The whole toolkit

The Themed Health Month contains exhibitions, workshops, and communication activities with parents. During the Month, the students can watch the exhibition on the billboard of the school. And the teacher will use the spare time to hold a workshop with the students to discuss the topic related to media influence, the self-value, and the relationship for three sessions during the Month. And the teenager can take the communication tool back home to provoke a better understanding of them and their parents.

The toolkit providing for student

The workbook contains three sessions: media influences body ideal, how the relationship can help us, and how to find the value of yourself. And every session has a set of activities and an extended reading to let the students think or discuss. The workbook can be used with the slides provided by the teacher.

A true story of a girl about her body image

A girl was using the toolkit

Two girls are discussing the body image with their mom by the toolkit

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