This project is an experiment of making a relationship between human’s memorising ability and an analogue Television. When the TV has an unstable signal, it will broadcast some parts of the signal and fill the other blank parts by other colours, pixel pictures or zigzag and wave lines. It is like after you come back home, and try to memorise people you met while you were going out. You turn on the TV of memory, and suddenly the signal lacks and be unstable because you cannot memorise all of things that you saw, and the monitor shows only some parts of the memory and fill something else from your imagination. Sometimes, when we try to recall some stories but we cannot completely remember all of them. Finally, the brain tries to bring something else from another story to fulfil your memory. Therefore, I call it, “the Imagination though the memory”. In this project, the audiences can be parts of the blurred memory; part of strangers on the street. This project was installed at the exhibition names MAIVM x Corsica London 2020 in order to let audience have an experience with my illustration.

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