In this de-labeled communication design movement called 'Cloud Talk', the combination of interactive platform and phone booth is like an open work, where the author does not want to impose his views on the viewer, but rather to arouse their curiosity and provide a medium for a new way of communication. The overall movement contains a digital sculpture, an installation platform and related visual promotional elements (video, logo, souvenir, etc.). With the increasing popularity and fragmentation of social media, I think it is particularly important to consider a gentle way to provoke conversation. I think it is possible to pique the audience's genuine curiosity through visual elements. In terms of the overall design context, the campaign is more in line with the Chinese cultural context and does not address generational issues in other cultures, but the more specific discussion makes the design more relevant and more likely to resonate with the target audience.

The cloud talk

The new media ecology is more efficient in terms of the spread of labels, but will we have equal rights in terms of social information dissemination in future trends? The author uses visual discourse to reflect on the extreme patterns of social networking in the future with the possibility of longer lifespans, to reflect on the current division of the population by labeled forms of communication, and especially on the stereotypes of age labelling in the new media wave.

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