'In the Blink of a Mind' is a 360-degree immersive media experience that explores several surreal worlds in which reality and unreality become an inseparable duality. This experience is rich in metaphors, embodying the philosophical ideology of the metaphysics of memory. The environment's setting is a combination of indoor and outdoor landscapes, with elements discordant to its overall surroundings. Reality mixed with surrealism creates a world in which people who walk through it will manage to navigate but possibly fail to grasp its underlying meanings until they pause momentarily to absorb the surroundings. Unlike the familiar world, we are physically present in, “In the Blink of a Mind” challenges reality and presents a version of its own, welcoming the users to apply his/her meanings. What makes this environment different from our familiar world lies in the nuances that vary in scale — presented disparities in environment realness, nature and its displacement, and spatial perplexity.

In The Blink of a Mind - Final Major Project

In The Blink of a Mind - Scene 1: Sakura Hanami

In The Blink of a Mind - Scene 2: The Pondering Forest

In The Blink of a Mind - Scene 3: Memory Repository

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