'Lighter' is a short film directed and animated by me for my final London College of Communication MA Animation project. Music by Mark Milad.

Lighter Trailer

Trailer for 'Lighter' a short animated film directed by Dani Marsh.InfoA dark fairytale where a society of Huldra use their hair to keep them grounded to the floor, while two forbidden lovers fight to be reunited.CreditsDirector/Animator/Sound Design: Dani Marsh Music: Mark MiladVoices: Dani Marsh, Phoebe Chan, Donna MarshBiographyDani Marsh is a 2D animator, illustrator and filmmaker who uses her hand-drawn work to explore stories and unique characters. Marsh studied Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion, followed by MA Animation at the London College of Communication. She’s had her work featured at several exhibitions and festivals including Tate Modern’s 2020 Uniqlo Tate Late, Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019, and a Today at Apple event in 2018.Director statementLighter is a fantasy horror that explores the feeling of letting go in order to set yourself free. The concepts of loneliness, oppression, control, and self-sacrifice are all expressed through the story of a forbidden love between two women. Lighter is set in a world in which a group of Huldra – mythical Scandinavian women – live ruled over by the evil Head Huldra, who forces them to keep their long hair braided together so they can be grounded to the earth and controlled by her. What follows is a quest for freedom and to find lost love.I wanted to explore a new kind of fairytale, inspired heavily by myth and folklore, as well as the classic stories I grew up reading. It was important to me that the story was focused on women, as the tale is personal to me and I felt it was timely to explore an entirely female story, and an entirely feminine love. Although, I also wanted the film to be inclusive of different women, and types of womanhood.I also wanted to explore the courage it takes to free oneself from the life they know and strive for the unknown, and to resist the status-quo in order to find your own way of living. Simply, Lighter is a story about fighting to express your own individuality and have the freedom to love who you want.Contact detailsName: Dani MarshEmail: dani_marsh@me.comWebsite: https://dani-marsh.format.com Telephone number: 07522432607Social mediaWebsite: https://dani-marsh.format.comVimeo: https://vimeo.com/danimarshInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyebrowaesthetic/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dani-marsh-illustration/

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