Coop Haven is a non-profit brand dedicated to community support. In the face of Covid-19, we strive to unite the residents of isolated communities, organize public welfare actions, and reward those who contribute to the community. Coop Haven helps people through a combination of an online platform and an offline service center. People can publish their needs and participate in public welfare activities on the online platform, and they can also participate in the lottery and community public welfare activities at the offline service center.

Multi-function lottery machine

Multi-function lottery machine displayed in the community, if you participate in community charity activities, you can draw random prizes here. The machine also functions as a storage device and a public library.

Platform operation process

How to use the Coop Haven online platform.

Lottery machine main interface

Online platform function interface

Prize: Personal Hygiene Pack

Prize:Whole Milk

Prize: Snack Pack Box



Prize: The Badge

Offline Service Center

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