Wyn-Wyn is a community skill bank platform, fostering new business opportunities through local connections.


Design proposal

Through identifying target user key insights - people need a client base; space to work; access to funding resources and practical/professional advice; a network they can trust, I propose a new concept of local enterprise hub 

Set up hypothesis

A useful local network of professional acquaintances can be a good starting point because the recommendation of a friend is stronger and more reliable than an advertisement. It reduces the risk of frustration and increases satisfaction. It provides a space for matching users with opportunities.

Purpose and goal: 1. Interconnectivity

Building meaningful connections and developing new business opportunities through ideas and skills sharing, with the goal of encouraging community connections, boosting local economies and creating employment opportunities. In addition, Wyn-Wyn offers the opportunity to socialise and network through on- and off-line participation.

Purpose and goal: 2. Complementary Relationships

Wyn-Wyn is not just about hiring and finding a job. There are more distinctive values such as participation, solidarity and caring. Wyn-Wyn is community-led platform where people have different purpose and come to Wyn-Wyn to find their own purpose. Wyn-Wyn can offer different possibilities and opportunities.

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