Highlights (best work) from 2nd year of LCF. Most images are screenshots from research journal pages / moodboards that explore ideas. However, some do present more resolved illustration, video and animation outcomes.


Branding mood boards for Realisation Par, created on procreate using images from their website and instagram.

Layout Page

Digital collage exploring the brand Realisation Par through mixed media visuals

Branding Video

A second year project based around branding and campaign creation. My work focuses on the brand Realisation Par - interpreting the style through fashion film, illustration and animation. The video was directed and produced by me as well as all illustration and animation - the R logo is Realisation Par's from their website.

Exploring Animation Distortion

A second year university project, animation completed in procreate / photoshop and then repeatedly imported into "photomosh" webpage to experiment and explore different digital visuals.

VHS Washing Line

Short video created on premiere pro, focusing on garments in the context of the basic washing line. Exploration of editing techniques, VHS effect tools and video distortion.

Washing Line

A project during lockdown, exploring the theme of Time and Ritual. Looking at the process of washing and the form of shadows.

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