Focus on Sustainability and discovering of new possibilities of future proofing garments to prolong their lifespan and highlight various issues surrounding the fashion industry today. Using a destructive force as a source of creativity, such as fire, for a greater understanding of the transformative process and highlighted the various issues surrounding the fashion industry today. A collection in which the garment could be transformed via a transformative process to create a secondary collection to help reduce the amount of raw material used and prolong a garment´s life With clever design, an afterlife of a garment is implemented at the initial design stage and created a 2nd collection hidden within the initial one. The new becoming of the secondary garment will be decided specifically by the wearer (and not the designer), creating a personal bond with the user and subsequently prolong their loyalty. An extended garment life cycle and garment transformation that will challenge important questions raised in today´s fashion industry concerning unsustainable buying habits, costly recycling challenges, responsibility for garment production and avoidance of disposing of garments

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