Graduation Film - MA Film 2019-2020


Frankie seeks revenge after realising that Alex was only hitting on her following a bet.


All the action takes place at a hotel in Athens. Frankie is there after her flight gets cancelled. Alex is there for a conference of the company he works for. They meet at the hotel bar and they seem to hit it off. Alex proposes to move to his room and Frankie agrees. She discovers that everything was a cunning act and decides to take revenge.


Drama, Neo-noir.

A note on Neo-noir:

Outwit is deeply influenced by the film-noir not only in the cinematography style but also in the themes that the film explores. Outwit borrows film-noir’s obsession with violence as the undying backdrop of civilisations, however, in Outwit that violence is phycological. Additionally, Outwit subverts the character expectations of the film-noir. This way, the anti-hero is the female lead while the male lead assumes the position of the femme-fatale.

Directed by Petros Aronis

Petros is a visual artist specialising in film and photography. He was born and raised in Athens. He graduated History of Art at the University of Glasgow in 2019. This degree introduced him to theories of gender and intersectionality that have become an integral part of his artistic work. Currently, he is undertaking a Master’s program in Film Directing at the University of Arts London. Generally, Petros’s work stands in support of all minority groups and strives for equality and social unity.Petros has created multiple video-art installations that have been exhibited in Glasgow and Prague. He has worked as 1st-assistant director and casting director for two other short films. Outwit will be his first short narrative film.

Cast & Crew

Nasia Synteta
Filius - Michael Canakis

Michael Melissis
Odysseas Konstantinou
Thanasis Voidilos

Screenwriter - Director
Petros Aronis

Lygia Manarioti

Executive Producer
Archodia Tsoulakidou

Director of Photography
Yuri Charitidis

Petros Aronis

Production Designer - Wardrobe
Elizabeth Karatsoki

Hair & Makeup
Konstantinos Bratis
Simone Hatzigiannidi

Sound Recording / Design
Kostas Ntokos

Production Manager
Lygia Manarioti

Assistant Director
Giorgos Karalias

Nikos Sebos

Loukas Chalaris

Marianna Papageorgiou

Grigoria Metheniti

Kostas Kolokathis

Production Assistant
Giannis Theodorakopoulos

Alexandros Vounatsos (aka Alvo Tucano)

Petros Aronis

Acting coach
Grigoria Metheniti

Marina Nikitopoulou
Foteini Fragkalioti
Christina Zafeiropoulou
Galateia Markantoni
Christina Synteta
Grigoria Metheniti
Spyros Patsouras
Antonis Antoniadis
Apostolis Giannakis
Andriani Dimitriou
Kyriaki Dimitroulia

Original score

The Director and Producer would like to personally thank:
Andriani Dimitriou
Chara Kokolaki
Elli Hatzivei
Andreas Gogolos
Nikos Pastras
Ministry of Civil Protection

Special thanks to all those who contributed in our crowdfunding campaign:
Dimitris Giannakopoulos
Thiago Etc
Nikos Pavlineris
Kyriaki Dimitroulia
Maria Polychroni
Konstantinos Efstathiadis
Nina Hojnosova
Nora Papadima - Karanikou
Maria Carrillo
Melina Vasiliou
Lydia Galanou
Archodia Tsoulakidou
Alex Verikios
Sofia - Xeni Kathareiou
Aggeliki Filippi
Evelyn Mountzia
Jessica Honsted
Yuhan He
Paulina Canakis
Konstantina Sofianou
Giouzeli sisters

The filming took place in Athens in December 2020

Copyright 2021, University of the Arts London, Petros Aronis, Pelagia Manarioti

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