This project celebrates the underpinning of the universe & giving design a consciousness. Showcasing the power of crystals & the memory of water. Sacred Geometry contains the secret of how all elements work together to create our Universe. I highlight the contrast of land mass and water through the use of light and heavy weight fabrics, fused through colour to display that all elements are part of the same cycle- despite their differences. I chose this particular subject to uncover the cause and effect of the elements ‘Earth’ and ‘Water’ and how humans interact with them. The outcome was to make all of us conscious of how we can work with our Universe to physically and spiritually grown. I manipulated heavy weight fabrics such as velvet & calico to distort the form to commemorate the irregularity of crystal structures. In contrast, I used light fabrics like chiffon & silk to mimic the natural state of water. I discovered that alternative finishing methods were needed for the lightweight fabrics as they behaved differently to their toile’s.

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