This research project is based on the traditional kimono. Speciifcally, it investgates how its geometric patern cutting and constructon is innovatve and relevant in the discussion of and argument for minimal waste and, the queston of longevity in the wearer’s wardrobe as unisex clothing. There will be a particular focus on geometric patern cutting with a critcally evaluated exploraton on zero-waste methodology as well as visual analysis of a contemporary designer’s work related to these ideologies and practces.


A moodboard showing the silhouettes, colour scheme, fabrics and textures.

Technical illustrations.

Technical illustrations of garments one and two showing six styling options.

Pattern lay-plans.

Garments one and two pattern lay-plans on Adobe Illustrator to indicate minimal to zero-waste pattern cutting. The areas marked in red are the excess pieces of fabric to be utilised for labels and internal structures.

Garment one final.

Garment two final.

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