As part of my Collaborative Challenge unit, I picked the YOOX Net-a-Porter project. A total of eight students were recruited for this project and divided into two teams consisting of four students. I was allocated into team 2 with three other students. My team was required to present an exploration of archival catwalk shows with commentary and suggestions of how past themes could be developed for the future. We had to pick 4-8 shows from the Bloomsbury archive and focus our deliverable(s) on them. After careful analysis of all emerging themes within fashion - sustainability, technology and disability to body positivity, androgyny etc. my group collectively decided on proceeding with the theme of technology. We felt that technology, especially immersive technology as a theme had good references and hadn’t been worked on in the past so it would allow us to provide unique recommendations and really showcase our problem solving skills. Additionally, we were eager to explore different mediums through which we could deliver our task, especially given the versatility of our theme; Immersive Technology. Thus, we decided to produce a digital magazine with short films and AR filters.

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