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I analyse my experience of photographing the doorways of sex shops and the function of the plastic strips that hang at the doorway of some of the shops. Informed by the writing of Philippe Dubois, I discuss my decision to frame the doorways in a specific way and elaborate both on the meaning of the frame and also on the meaning of the space that escapes it, the off-frame space. I discuss what gay pornography represents to me from a feminist standpoint.

There are three pieces in this body of work. One of them is constituted by eight photographs (42cm x 29.7cm each) assembled as panorama for exhibition installation. Two are single photographs (84.1cm x 59.4cm each). The panoramana installation measures 2.37m in length.

When the photographs in the panorama installation are looked at one by one, in order, it is apparent that they vary slightly in their composition, gradually revealing elements of the spaces inside the shops.

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