Photograph of a white towel from a gay bathhouse in London

The realisation that my position had always been that of one who looks from the outside led me to take the decision to visit a gay bathhouse in London, to cross the threshold and make my way in. The decision to enter the bathhouse initiated a significant phase in my research because it led me to analyse the relationship between photography and notions of pleasure, privacy, exposure, and how ethics, morality, laws, regulations, and taboos affect photographic practice.

I discuss how the phallus and the obscene, according to the Greek definition of the term, intertwine. I consider the phallus as the signifier par excellence—the only signifier of desire. My understanding of the 'out of sight’ in photography moves towards the question of the impossibility of representation of desire through photographic practice.

I brought the towel given to me upon my entrance to the bathhouse back to my studio. I later decided to create an image in which the male body was absent. The photograph that resulted from this is called From the Bathhouse, a single large-format C-Type Digital Print.

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