Photographs of glory holes.

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Glory holes are holes in the wall. The slang phrase is used to refer to holes in walls which divide cubicles in public toilets, and they are typically found in male public toilets in shopping centres, train stations, gyms and sports clubs, or public parks, for example. Glory holes are often made by men who attend these facilities in order to establish some contact with users on the adjacent side of the partition. Nowadays, glory holes have made their way out of the ‘public sphere’. However, they can be found in places like private sex clubs, gay bathhouses and, at times, in nightclubs, (re)built purposefully in the form of a scenario, like in a film set, for the leisure of men who engage with other men sexually but wish to do it somewhat anonymously and away from the risk of identification, physical violence or any abuse.

The series 'Of Black Holes and Other Glories' (2013) is made up of ten prints, presented in book format. The book has a black leather hardcover. The back of each page is black.

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