My FMP titled Velvet Titanium stemmed from an Instagram account I made called @velvet_titanium where I documented self-portraits in definitive different looks, abstracting from my true self. I decided to take the name Velvet Titanium and create a whole new character out of it, a narrative lead, transforming self-portraiture work. The project has been inspired by female superheroes, the femme fatale and personal derived connotations of the words Velvet and Titanium, juxtaposing softness, delicateness and empathy with tough, rigorousness, defensiveness, strength and the unbreakable. The aesthetic of Velvet Titanium remains a staple throughout the project, with an outfit I created myself hinting at notions of Scottish warriors and feminine power. I have channelled fierceness, agility and connection to the surrounding environment through the colours of red, black and green. The outfit and makeup I chose embraces confidence and transformation in my performance of the aspired self. I have explored myself and the character in various mediums, textiles, film, photography, makeup, acting, illustration, painting and deep thought. The creative journey has led me to an end point where I have been truly immersed as the character and set her into a narrative of her own bizarre fantasy landscape, documented in watercolour paint.

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