In developing countries, small-scale apparel manufacturing industries have bitterly faced the social, environmental, and cultural consequences associated with rapid production cycles, resource overuse, waste production, environmental pollution, and unethical labour conditions caused due to unethical consumer and retailer buying behaviour. Walk Consciously// MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE is appraising the small-scale clothing manufacturing industry challenges and awaking the consumer and retailers about their behaviour towards. I am highlighting this through a mixed media carpet live installation that represents the effect of consumer choices on humanity and people who work in the small-scale industry. Walk consciously is 3d mixed media live carpet installation that reflects the challenges of the small-scale apparel manufacturing industry as the metaphorical structure of the degrading-dying fashion industry. The design of the carpet installation is sculptured in a human body dying on the ground; representing the small manufacturer's degrading condition and challenges with mouth wounded with the environmental and social issues, they face due to the pressure of producing cheap clothes, which barriers their growth.

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