In a post-apocalyptic world, the main character Alan is trapped in the hotel with other survivors of the catastrophic flood. Alan is lost in his attempts to escape his past, which makes him lose the boundaries between dreams and reality.

ALAN (2021) 2D Animated Short Film (HD)

This animation shows a combination of Alan's dreams and everyday life. These draw him back to the people that have left him. Alan is trying to go beyond this stagnation, but he is trapped both in everyday reality and in traumatic dreams of his past.

Key Frames for ALAN

This keyframes communicate the duality of Alan’s state of mind.

Environment Designs For ALAN

Environments in ALAN help to depict the depression of the main character. Once beautiful city was destroyed in a catastrophic flood leaving ruins as a memory of its former glory.

Storyboard for ALAN

The storyboard shows how Alan sees ghost of his love and light, which prevents Alan from moving on with his life.

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