PROCESSIONS was a mass participation artwork produced by Artichoke and commissioned by 14-18 NOW. It celebrated the centenary of women voting in the UK, and took place in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast on Sunday 10 June 2018.


Historic England worked with LCF's Prof Lucy Orta to lead a Processions banner-making workshop for female prisoners at HMP Downview. From April to June 2018, I visited the prison to document the workshops. The prison environment is closely controlled and there were a number of constraints on my work. Cameras are not normally allowed in prison, and I was forbidden from taking photographs that might identify the prisoners, or that showed any security arrangements. Suffragettes were often prosecuted for their actions and imprisoned at HMP Holloway, in north London. Modern-day Holloway was closed in 2016, and the prisoners there were moved to HMP Downview, in Surrey. Many women at Downview still identify with their old prison. The photographs you see here were all reviewed by the Ministry of Justice before publication.

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