Looking at the origins of power dressing, the looks have only been powerful because they mimicked men’s attire. Workwear was created when only men were allowed to work. I feel women deserve the respect to have their own style of authoritative dressing celebrating both their femininity and strength. "It’s easy to assume the garb of male authority, but the goalposts have shifted and the man in his suit is no longer the sole archetype of power” -Jack Sunnucks 2016

Outfit 1

Asymmetric Tailored Jacket, Button-down Wrap Skirt, and Shirt-Dress.

Outfit 2

Tailored Corduroy and Leatherette Dress, with a Dress-Shirt

Outfit 3

Tailored Corduroy Jacket, and Deconstructed Trouser with Separate Legs.

Outfit 4

Tailored Jacket with Curved Lapel, Silk and Lace Trousers, a Silk Bolero-Style Shirt, and a Lace Bra.

Outfit 2 Close-up

All Outfits

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