2021 Single-channel video, 00:02:08 'RUBIK'S CUBE' is a 2 mins single-channel video, suggesting multiple gazes within spaces. ‚Äč This video piece is hugely inspired by English novelist George Orwell's '1984' with his idea on how surveillance can manipulate human's behaviour and thoughts. Also, the design concept from a type of institutional building, panopticon, by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century to mind and behaviour control prisoners using the architectural design and their consciousness in knowing they are being watched. Supported by the fact that the Chinese Communist Party controls the access of information people can get through media, and monitor their citizens by all-rounded surveillance cameras, to simulate a harmless society and brainwash their citizens. People living in a 'simulated world' are unable to reveal the fact that they are being manipulated, especially when we are living in a technology-based era. We update ourselves mainly by social media, but the algorithm is the one that decided what to show us that, we will easily lose the ability to see the whole story and become biased. In this video, I am addressing the philosophical concept of 'the gaze', with the knowledge and understanding of the power within surveillance and manipulation, we are able to stand a bit further from our boxes to have a clearer gaze on ourselves, the people in control and the system or world that we believe we understood.

'RUBIK'S CUBE' (2020)

Single-channel video, 00:02:08

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