The concept of my final major project design is from myriad things have souls(Animism). Animism believes that spirits can inhabit living and inanimate objects. It states that every material has a soul. Everything will be different from processing which will give it a new life, a further unique aspect, and color. I collected a lot of fantasy storybooks which are recording stories from generation to generation, which displays my unique artistic nature and strong enthusiasm to get out and know more. I focus on finding who has a beautiful soul and the fantastic mystery stories and enjoys those things. Meanwhile, I wish accessories product keep the tradition based to serve people, and practical value brought by the products. The initial inspiration for the group collection comes from a famous legend in Chinese Folklore about a ghost in a love story. By combining traditional oriental style, modern western 1960s psychedelic patterns, aesthetics and modern craft techniques, the collection of three pieces of leather will achieve a level of ecstasy from different cultural backgrounds featuring significant abstract patterns and vibrant bright colors. The new technical innovation of inlay,3D print, and overlay independently create unique, high-quality leather good products. To gain internationalization and cultural diversification, accessories design combines more  oriental and westward to display direct and human-close visual intensity, creating personality design style to attract the more fashionable and idealistic people of every generation.

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