The pandemic has lead to unforeseeable circumstances such as isolation and quarantine. These lonely times can drastically affect a person’s mental health as it did to mine. My final project was a visualization of my emotions in isolation which acts as a form of emotional expression. This lead me to build an app that visualizes a persons emotional data. This form of data visualization that is created by the user themselves by feeding in their own data creates a personal connection between the data and the user as it is a representation of themselves. It not only acts as data visualization but an on-going experience that allows one to grow as an individual and improve communication. The visualization is a self portrait that people relate to as it is an evolving response to the input of one’s own emotional data.


A data visualization app that maps a persons emotions.


This video is a mock up of a user's dashboard on the app. It shows the dynamic movement of the lines that create a more immersive experience for the viewer.

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