With the acceleration of the process of modern urbanization, all aspects of people's lives are in accelerating changes, social pressure, interpersonal relationships, life troubles become more and more, as a result, many people tend to have conceitedness, inferiority and other emotions, and social suicide rate is also increasing. In my project "Rebirth life", I try to let the experimenters participate in the process of pregnant feeling and feel the birth of life, so that they can re- understand life and know themselves. I hope to help them rethink, understand and respect life, and get back confidence.

Newborn Book

In the first part “Newborn Book”, I design a new reading and interaction experience by extracting the five sensory changes in the process of fetal development and combining the interactive device and visual communication to allow the participants to complete the process of embryo development, like they get rebirth again.

Mutual pregnancy

The second part “Mutual pregnancy” attempts to quantify the changes in the shape of the abdomen and the feeling of bulging in the interaction device, so that the experimenter can experience the process of female pregnancy more realistically, to arouse people's reflection on the life, and their own re- understanding .

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