Not to loose anything that came up in my mind, I started to take notes of what happened at something I felt interesting.Then it slowly showed that my focus is on the self being affected by the urban city.

深海 (the deep sea) no.1

深海 (the deep sea) no.2

Like a withdrawal symptom
The view I see got glitchy
My brain getting glitchy
The sunlight hits the white wall
The shadow becomes even darker
The view I see looks like block of shape and colors
From the train window
The view passes quickly that I couldn’t catch details
Too quickly that everything looks like lines
When it stops at each station, the little words become obvious
What are we now
Looking inside rather than the outside, I see people
Black green black black black beige
The same figures
The same the same the same
Glitch glitch glitch
Am I wrong
Am I seeing wrong
I hear
I see
I feel
I observed everything every moment

My View (Diary project no.8)

This text was written while I was getting on a train. I typed the text quickly not to loose any words that came up in my mind.

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