Are you human?

Textiles inspired by the human body and its similarities with alien forms are explored through knit, print, dye and embroidery processes. The scales and wrinkled skin surfaces of beautiful imagined creatures are represented in dye sublimation prints and fabric manipulation in a universe-expanding-transformational garment.

The collection addresses the increasing impact of fashion consumption on the sustainability of the fashion industry and the environment. In creating a multifunctional, transforming final piece in a capsule collection, I hope to create a product that reduces perceived obsolescence as the wearer can continuously adapt the product to their needs. The body becomes part of a performance in the ritual of dressing and transforming the product.

Please see the below portfolio sample. Contact for full portfolio.


Performance: knitting with human needles

Initial design development

Colour consideration

Final multifunctional, transforming garment with supporting lingerie.

Performance: Final garment

Performance: Final garment

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