As social inequality intensifies, public awareness of this imbalance is increasing. Louis Vuitton’s AirLine COMPAS, which collaborates with marginalized minorities, presents the ethical business direction of luxury brands. COMPAS passengers can feel the atmosphere of the destination from the cabin before arriving at the destination. COMPAS consists of only one class, designed as interior design using Louis Vuitton’s signature colours and patterns, and in-flight equipments using the unique fabric patterns and manufacturing methods of the destination community. In-flight fabric and amenity are only available to purchase at destination’s Louis Vuitton stores. As one of many craft communities, the Musahar community in India was selected to incorporate weaving methods and patterns from the Musahar community into the aircraft. The community’s unique patterns and in-flight designs using handmade fabrics are not only consistent with Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship, but also help sustain the vanishing craft culture.

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