As the time spent at home increases, users are seeking the needs to play various roles are increasing. Especially at the moment cleanliness is crucial, bathrooms have expanded into places where people mentally heal and relax, such as bathing or taking a shower. Roun is a Living Bath product brand that expresses various emotions in the bathroom and helps users spend their entire break time in the bathroom more valuable. In addition, the low demand for traditional products is not for rejecting tradition, but for existing traditional products, it is necessary to reinterpret tradition in a modern way because they are products that do not suit consumers’ preferences. Roun has a distinct line to the outer surface of the product, which is one of the moon jars containing Korean beauty, to capture the balance in simplicity. Under the inspiration of a moon jar, the existing product lines in the bathroom are the Basic line, which is a special line that allows you to spend more valuable time in the bathroom.

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