Short Film Following the same initial stimuli as "Why are you coming here" this short film was realised as an experimentation in non - linear narratives and the development of an initial scratch across different medias. Set in a physical room and made for camera - as opposed as the metaphorical space of the theatre piece - this version focuses on the use of colours, symbolic objects and camera angles as a main part of the storytelling, which create links, textures and frames that add a strong layer to the narrative. The sense of enclosure, amnesia and alienation is amplified. Co - created, edited, filmed and designed by Giulia Vitiello, Sharo Liang and Kano Yanagiya Performed by Giulia Vitiello Cinematography by Sharo Liang and Kano Yanagiya Voiceover Actor: Taishi Mashimo

Where the hourglass stops - Official Trailer

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