Now days, people can easily feel lonely by COVID-19, so, to recover loneliness with electric pets, I have developed game calls Poke it! My house. This game is clicker idle game that players may not play the game full day but feel busy to forget the loneliness. It is about how much game can solve the problem and players may enjoy it simply as a game. I tried make game objects as cutest as I can draw with pixel art style for players feel to having a real pet. This game will request you to keep having quests. For example, it will be do you still have A, even they give loss than B. The game looks cute, but have hidden message about pets and real life's negative parts. As time goes on, player will face on tough situations, it would be covered by money to extend a house. However, to earn money, players have to sell pets, so it might make users feel guilty. Download link:

Game Play

Game play

Game Poster

How did bats make people lonely?

It is an example of knowing how people became alone.

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