In this project, I was set the fairytale 'Hansel and Gretel' and I chose to focus on the witch character for my realisation and development. My character was inspired by UK, Victorian men dressing as women. I had to make my very first wig and wig cage, along with my first gelatine prosthetic nose.

Prosthetic making

Here I am sculpting the prosthetic nose for my witch character.

Wig cage

The final result for my first wig cage for my character.

Finished wig

Here I have finished my wig for the witch. I chose a typical upper class Victorian UK hair style but with extra and exaggerated volume with the cage. I used plaits to build up the cage and hand knotted the parting at the front.

Final realisation makeup

This is my final makeup. This is my first ever gelatine prosthetic for the nose. I used greasepaints and alcohol paints for the face and then a typical light makeup, but I made it messy in order to fit with the character.

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