Jhumka 47 is an Indo-Pakistani jhumka brand that will bridge the gap between Indians and Pakistanis living in the UK. Jhumkas are bell-shaped earrings, traditional to India and Pakistan. Despite them being two different countries with different traditions and religions, jhumkas hold a sacred value for both. But unfortunately, these factors have significantly impacted the demand for jhumkas in UK. Jhumkas are expensive Availability is limited Heavy to wear Limited to 3-4 colours To solve these issues, 47 will be using Acrylic as the main material of choice to manufacture the Jhumkas. The reason being, Acrylic is: Lightweight Inexpensive Durable Extensive colour range 47’s mission is to provide responsibly-produced beautiful statement Jhumkas. Our products will be a fusion of traditional Indo-Pakistani patterns and western materials/techniques. 47 will be an embodiment of creativity and craftsmanship, that will provide high quality Acrylic Jhumkas. Now you can see few of the Jhumkas that I created for 47. Support me to launch Jhumka 47: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/jhumka-47-1 Thank you

Midnight blues

Classic frosted blue hoop Jhumka with pearl white beads

Icy Blue Jhumka

Inspired by Islamic architecture and patterns, this Jhumka is Morden and unique in its form.

Naarangee Rang Jhumka

Inspired by Ashoka Chakra representing Truth and Virtue.

Regi Jhumka

This design was inspired by Mother Earth's landscapes, the gold symbolises the heat of a desert, which is being wonderfully complemented by the cool teal.

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