Audio Vision is a music EP that contains 9 songs inspired by the cross-modal perception phenomena. The album is divided in 2 parts – Chromaestesia and Cross-Modal. Cross-Modal is influenced by different electronic music genres such as techno, break core, glitch, and noise, and is composed of 5 songs. The pieces are inspired by different cross-modal phenomena that involve vision and hearing such as synchresis, spatial magnetisation, synchronicity, and chromesthesia. The piece is the result of a series of audio-visual works that was created with the aim to experiment with sensory perception, which comes as the second part of the album Audio-Vision, with an accompanying series of 5 video clips. IG: @noizyma

Particles (feat kixtten)

This piece explores the perception of synchronicity between music and image through syncresis


(Photosensitive Warning) This piece explores the sound flash cross-modal illusion which evolves into a musical piece

Spatial Lines

This piece explores relationships of spatial perception in relation to image. The music was created through the use of simple waveforms and white noise. The composition also included spatial sound techniques.


This piece follows the composition methods of techno music. The sounds are designed to accompany the visual content which is modified in real-time by a coding patch that allows the analysis of the music. Timbre tone and volume are used to create changes in the visual content.


(Photosensitive Warning) This piece explores relationships between colours and sounds, shapes and volumes. The piece pushes the boundaries of electronic music production and generative visuals which are created in real-time. The piece takes the shape of distorted glitch music that modifies the visuals created exclusively for this musical piece.


Project research


Process of making

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