The innovative research investigates the beautiful monster, the hybrid creature. The mermaid is the leading hybrid creature that we will discuss in this research. Previous studies show that humans perceive the idea of monsters or, more specifically, mermaids. The research will discuss how the human and animal hybrid form fits into the idea of belief and why it is such an intrigue source for humans. Myths, legends, fairy stories and folk tales were introduced, highlighting the ideas behind what the people believe in and used them to represent why they behaved in a certain way. All the tales amuse their listeners, and it also contains about human behaviour and the values held by a community. The research was drawing on examples from the gendered representation of the beautiful monster, notions about gender present in society and popular culture, the idea of the mermaid and the depiction of the mermaid in classical books and movies and the change in the depiction of the monster in the contemporary time (popular culture).


fashion show

smart textile

Character board 1

Character board 2

Experiment 1

experiment 2


final photoshoot

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