This project focuses on merging historical garment reconstruction with use of unconventional materials, based on the porcelain figurine design. The use of pleather, pvc and vinyl create the glossy, smooth texture that reflects the illustration, while the construction of the garment, based on 1745-50 gown from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1 provides the basis of historically accurate silhouette.

1745-50 Gown in pleather with pvc details, design and fit on the model

Illustration by Lifeng Liao; The design idea behind this 'porcelain figurine' dress was to create a smooth, shiny surface using unconventional fabrics, such as pleather and pvc, all the while working from a historical pattern source.

1745-50 Gown in pleather with pvc details

Gown based on 1745-50 garment from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1. The dress is made of pleather with floral motifs placed on using silk screen printing method and metallic silver binder. The details of the dress, such as bows and ruffles are made of different pvc materials, one of them with lace design printed onto it to create a lace effect for the cuffs.

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