The inspiration behind the design of this womenswear suit came from both masculine and feminine attributes in tailoring. The main objective is to create an hourglass silhouette, which is identified with a desired feminine body shape. To achieve that the shoulders were extended to create bigger contrast as opposed to the small tailored waist of the jacket. The pleated trousers which add the volume around the hips, which are then narrowed at the ankle to fit tightly accentuate the silhouette even further. The trouser shape inspiration came from 80’s menswear trousers with pleats, which further were embraced in womenswear. That in addition to wide shoulders, which added masculinity in the suit contrast with the roll line, which was extended to the waist in order to create a deep v-shaped cleavage. The use of white as a statement colour in the entire ensemble creates a bold look, which required use of specialist white and cream coloured materials, such as bright interfacing, canvas and a thicker silk lining. The alignment of the seams at the back, sleeves and shoulders, alongside jacket seams extending to the trousers create a fluid shape and enhances the silhouette in the design.

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