This consists of 6 A3 pieces that are a representation of my design process which was documented in my sketchbook throughout the lessons. What design process means to me? Besides experimentation and pushing my boundaries or limits and thinking outside of the box it is also a way for me to identify and accept my personal style. Nowadays when so many things have already been invented and so many artworks have been done it is hard not to get lost and understand what is unique about myself. So design process helps me identify what and how I do in my own unique way. In my final outcomes I tried to represent some key factors that reflect my style and also my progress in this module. When doing this I strictly followed my sketchbook, so each A3 sheet represents approximately 4 pages of my workbook. The factors that I wanted to look at are: 1) The amount of black – I noticed that in this module and in my works overall, black stains or backrounds or big amount of the colour in general is a very common thing. That is why I used black paper in my project to represent the amount of black, while all the other elements I “converted” into white paper, so the amount of black can be seen based on how big the black side is in the sheet. This also made my final outcome very contrastic which is also very common in my work. 2) Layout/composition – I came across the fact that most of my composition are rather vertical than horizontal. Only the first sheet represents a horizontal composition, because I used it in the first pages of my sketchbook. Although later on all of them were more vertical. I represented that in my pieces by braiding paper in either horizontal or vertical way. 3) Level of creativity/ experimentation can be seen based on the complexity of the braids. The more creative I was the more loose and wide braids I made in my final outcomes.

Design Process Representation

Artwork made based on a process sketchbook

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