I chose to create a movie synopsis for the film "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind". The idea that I chose to develop for this project is a character map. I created a map that shows when do the movie characters meet each other. So in the map most of the vertical streets are characters and most of the horizontal lines are the connections that represent meetings, but overall the meaning of each line is defined by its thickness. So the thickest lines represent the main character and the thinest represent their meetings. Also there's another aspect you need to know to read the map- the thickest line, which represents the main character Joel devides the map into 2 "worlds", so basically all the characters Joel met in real life are shown on the left side of the map and his meetings with Clementine in his dream/memorie ereasal procedure are shown on the right side of the map. I also used colour in my project but only for the two main characters- Joel and Clementine because I wanted to highlight that this movie was about their relationship and mostly their fielings. The colours I chose for Clem- entine - red and blue gradient, i chose becuase of the hair colours she had, blue in reality and red in Joel's memories. And Joel's colours (blue and brown) Were chosen based on what he mainly was wearing - brown and blue. The visual language that I used for this project was created with ink. I thought that this material is very suitable for the movie that is talking about human fielings, memories etc., which are very fragile and subtle same as the pattern that occurs when ink is mixed with water. Also the ink pattern might remind neurons, which is also relevant for the movie.

Movie Synopsis Poster

Map based on character interaction in a movie

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