This is a short stop motion animation about one of the seven deadly sins. The narrative is about a shot glass who has a lot of insecurities which lead him to be jealous of other’ social status which results in self-destructive behavior in the end. The shot glass hyperbolizes the success of other’s and tries to find reasons to justify his own failure (he doesn’t have the umbrella) instead of dealing with deeper issues within itself that are often not related to what other’s have or don’t have. After discussing many different ideas we chose drink glasses as characters because it allowed us to include many symbols to the story. For instance, the main character is empty which is metaphorical for his state of mind and self-esteem issues while other glasses are full. Also, we wanted to explore envy in a social situation. Especially because it’s so relevant now with social media and people being obsessed with self- image which leads to psychological issues.

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