This was a response to the brief 2036, a speculative project aimed at exploring what the future could look like, inspired by the prompt 'Ecology Vs Us'. The Atlas Arc project is designed to provide shelter to isolated peoples in the case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane, a cyclone, or a tsunami. There are many people living in isolated atolls in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and in low elevation islands around the world. If there is a surge due to high winds or a tsunami, there is nowhere for those people to hide, nor can they escape as oftentimes the nearest land is thousands of kilometres away. They can’t even dig underground shelters as their “ground” is composed of calcium deposits formed of corals over thousands of years. A submersible self-sufficient mega structure attached to the ocean floor with metal beams. It’s main gathering area is under a glass dome, and the floors underneath are designed to host common support facilities and accommodations. Acting as a proof of concept, the first such structure would be built in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia and northwest of Perth in Australia, which is nearly 3000 km away.

Atlas Arc Submerges

Atlas Arc Submerges


A demonstration of the structure being submerged in water.

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