This is my Victorian corset, created in the first year of university in the course Costume for Performances. This was during in the second term under the brief Modifying the Form.

Victorian Corset 1800s - side

The corset was adapted from a pattern for a female during the 1880s, we traced the pattern first and then adapted it to fit our model.

Victorian Corset 1800s - back

The fabric that was used to create the garment is coutril, very dense and strong, ideal for creating corsets as it is a resilient fabric.

Victorian Corset 1800s - front

At the front of the corset, we used a hook and bar and lacings along the back fo the corset with a placket.

Victorian Corset - front close up

Along the corset we used flossing to keep the boning in place, this is a decorative stitch that I used pink thread for to make it eye catching.

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