In the Cyber Age, our way of observation is gradually being replaced by the act of pattern recognition, where all information is being filtered and transmuted. The various pieces of information about each individual in reality become exposed dirty data on the network, transferred and used in bulk between various data platforms. The border between the real and the virtual becomes gradually blurred, and information data invades every corner of life. The established reality that once existed becomes blurred. Are humans gradually falling into their own dream worlds, deep in them and unaware of it? This work takes the interpolated value of the dream state, that is, the state of sleep paralysis. It is used as a figurative representation of the blurred border between the unreal and the real. The overall visualisation consists of the "signal" of valid information overlaid on top of the "noise" of invalid information. Through technical means, the original sound is used as a signal and visualised dynamically. The noise image is transformed into sound form as noise. They are transformed and superimposed on each other. Translated and compiled into a final visual form.

Interpolate-Final outcome

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