Aiming to distort facial and body features I created a series of sea inspired creatures. I used sections of sea shells and adjusted them on areas of the face that had a similar shape in order to retain a harmonious look. I only used real life references as it provided much more reference material as I turned them around . The clay sculpture (seaurchin man) is done on a mannequin head, using air drying clay. Having a better insight into sculpting a prosthetics I plan on realising some of my other designs as well


research and designs


research and designs

Page 5&6

head designs

Page 7&8

head designs

Page 9

costume design


costume design

process design1

pencil on A4 paper

process design2

pencil on A4 paper

Sea Urchin design

Sea urchin surface applied on a self portrait

sculpting process1

sculpting process2

sculpting process3

sculpting process4

Sea Urchin Man

air drying clay sculpture on mannequin head

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