My pre-collection is inspired by a Japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. The story background was set in future Tokyo, where the weather is abnormal - it rained all the time. This strong contract between the abnormal and normal weather inspired me to think the changes and troubles caused by climate change and reveal the pollution and influences caused by human. As the animation is produced in Japan, I want to use the Japanese culture as the base tone of the collection and research in-depth in traditional Japanese clothes - Kimono. It also makes me think about what we can do as a new generation of designers to contribute to these global issues and how to present our thoughts and amplify our voices to society. It is also about learning to analyze social problems and give the truth of events to the public from a new perspective, which is more like a vivid news report. This collection is also about to reflect the abnormal weather and a better expectation for the future and emphasize the importance of having a more sustainable life.

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