Carbon Magazine is a creative production company developed by my seminar group, including myself, to showcase our talents through photography, film and journalism across various social media platforms as well as in digital and print publications.

Carbon Magazine Issue 01

"An Alternative Perspective". The magazine is produced with a group of classmates, from inspiration to photography and graphic design outcomes.

Carbon Magazine Website

I designed the website with a minimal style, emphasising more on the contents and also to reflect the brand identity. The website consists content such as literature, photography, links to magazine pages and more.

Carbon Magazine Issue 03 Teaser

Carbon Magazine Branding

In this part, I brainstormed on the concept of the name "Carbon" to create a logo for the magazine. I started from analysing the meaning of "Carbon" and tested out different fonts, compositions and typography for the logo.

Carbon Magazine Branding

Within a series of experiments on the Carbon Magazine logos, a few references such as the logo of Casa da Musica was one of the inspirations. I also experimented with different san serif and serif fonts and adjusted with different letter spacing. I designed both primary and secondary logos for a better and more professional visual appeal.

Carbon Magazine Branding

Every detail of the primary and secondary logos were inspired by the carbon element in chemistry, representing atoms and the bonding among them. I wanted to emphasise this concept as a "bond" of ideas and concepts. I also put these logos on storefronts and plastic bags and designed business cards and letterheads. Everything is finished with a black and white, clean and minimal style.

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