An investigation into the effectiveness of virtual social interactions and how they could be redesigned to further boost user interactivity and community.


Short for Unified Networking. The purpose of the application focuses on delivering interconnected communication and networking for creatives. Initially I will be focusing on delivering this application for art and design University students and staff to boost design studio community and inter-collaboration. My proposal for a platform of communication and sharing targets the lack of community on current virtual spaces in education (such as Teams). My aim was to enhance and compact everything a creative student would need in one application with the focus to create a shared virtual space where students can find inspiration to develop their ideas and work.

UniNet Bus Stop Ad

UniNet Virtual Reality Studio

Virtual Reality

I designed UNVRS as a continuation of the UniNet App. I wanted to develop this idea of a shared space further by integrating VR into the application. UNVRS (“universe”) stands for UniNet Virtual Reality Studios.


The UNVRS space provides a shared space for designers to connect, network, and collaborate. However, testing this further and getting students to interact within the space required some sort of event to be hosted in the virtual space.


Attendees presenting their designs at the end.

UNVRS Gallery

Design work posted up on the UNVRS space walls

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